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Tunnel Voice FD4 from Tunnel Radio

Tunnel Voice

Tunnel Voice Voice Communications. Radio Ready. Features Product Sheets Unbroken simplex or duplex operation Railroads depend on continuous communication among dispatchers, trains, and maintenance crews …

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Positive Train Control (PTC) from Tunnel Radio

Positive Train Control (PTC) 220MHz System

Positive Train Control (PTC) 220MHz System Tunnel Link™ for Non-stop Safety Features Product Sheets Staying connected is everything on a railroad Tunnel Link™ for Positive …

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Distributed Power Communication Systems from Tunnel Radio

Distributed Power Railroad Communication

Distributed-Power Ensure train safety and efficiency Features Product Sheets Front-to-back coverage that won’t quit Seamless railroad communications provided by Tunnel Link™ helps ensure train safety …

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TRCentral Remote Monitoring System from Tunnel Radio

TRCentral Remote Monitoring System

TRCentral Remote Monitoring System Intelligent. Accurate. Essential. Features Product Sheets Intelligent networking & fast troubleshooting Keeping railroads moving and safe demands intelligent networking and fast …

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OFA™ – On Frequency Amplifier System from Tunnel Radio

OFA – On Frequency Amplifier System

OFA On Frequency Amplifier System Clear signals. All the time. Features Product Sheets Seamless coverage with OFA Even in the densest forests and deepest mountain …

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Remote Access features from Tunnel Radio

Remote Access

Control communications from anywhere via web-based software.

Support features from Tunnel Radio


Our support team is ready to help. Any day, any hour. Onsite, by phone or online. It’s that simple.

Quick Installation features from Tunnel Radio

Quick Installation

Downtime equals money lost. We’ll fast-track your project from Day One.

Distributed Antenna System features from Tunnel Radio

Distributed Antenna Systems

Advanced wireless technology improves read, reliability and versatility in underground operations.

Fully featured solution with proven reliability

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Built to perform — everywhere
Tunnel Link railroad technology for distributed power and positive control is the industry leader. Built to last in harsh and remote environments, Tunnel Link™ and Tunnel Voice™ mobile radio systems are performance-proven in even the longest, deepest railroad tunnels.

No dead spots
The Tunnel Link™ data system is designed to extend radio signals generated by Distributed Power, HOT/EOT data equipment, and VHF Positive Train Control systems. Our Tunnel Link bi-directional amplifiers maintain an appropriate signal level while using a single repeater for all processes, ensuring a constant connection.

Customized engineering
Tunnel Radio’s in-house RF experts have the know-how to create customized engineering solutions with a global record of excellence designing and building critical railroad communications and train management components. Nobody knows RF better than Tunnel Radio.


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